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Perfecting Fixation Through Talon Technology 

Our mission is to provide a superior quality medical device with a ethically and morally conscious family-built and run attitude designed to make real change in the medical industry. 

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  • ODi-NA’s exclusive Talon™ technology eliminates distal locking screws and provides superior fixation in the femoral head. Proximal Fixation The lag screw’s Talon™ technology enables the surgeon to maximize proximal fixation through greater rotational control, enhanced compression, and increased resistance to cutout versus a traditional lag screw. Distal Fixation The Talon™ DistalFix™ technology results in less.

ODi’s 7.0mm Cannulated Screw system is available for those fracture types that the Talon™ CHS and Talon™ Distafix™ Nail cannot treat: High femoral neck fractures.

A self-cutting tip and self-tapping flutes gives the custom titanium alloy cannulated screw its aggressiveness. These characteristics provide the surgeon the ability to place the screw quickly and easily. In the event of hard bone a tap is provided. The instrumentation is cannulated to allow for a purely percutaneous technique. Nested drill sleeves allow the insertion of a 3.0mm guide wire, a 5.0mm drill, and the screw through a single stab incision and without switching instruments. To distribute forces in osteopenic bone 13.0mm washers are available in the tray.

The Talon Compression Hip Screw provides significantly enhanced compression and rotational stability by allowing better purchase of the proximal fragment.

The Talon™ Compression Hip Screw (CHS) seeks to optimize patient outcomes by providing twice the compression and a threefold increase in rotational stability over traditional lag screws.

Plates are available in a wide variety of sizes, angles, and barrel lengths to best meet the demands of the fracture and each patient’s unique anatomy. The most proximal screw can be angled superiorly to capture medial comminution, if present.

The Talon™ lag screw is designed to deploy its talons into the calcar femorale region, allowing the surgeon to fully compress the fracture, thereby, reducing non-unions and providing a more solid construct.


About Us

      Orthopedic Designs North America, Inc. (ODi) was established to invent, develop, manufacture and market improved fixation products for the orthopedic community. In keeping with this charter Orthopedic Designs, Inc. offers new developments in orthopedic surgery encompassing its patented process: Talon™ Technology.


      Our mission is to provide a superior quality medical device with a ethically and morally conscious family-built and run attitude designed to make real change in the medical industry. 

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Our Team


Charles A. Masek, Jr.

President & CEO

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Charles A. Masek, Jr. (Chuck) has extensive experience in the health care industry. He is the founder and former President / CEO of Vanguard Medical Concepts, Inc. At Vanguard, he innovated and developed the reprocessing of medical devices labeled single use industry.


Brad Bender

Director of Business Development

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Bradley Bender has over 20 years of experience in the area of orthopedic trauma, large corporations and medical device start-ups. Mr. Bender served as President of Medartis, US, Inc beginning in 2008, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. Medartis is a global manufacturer of orthopedic implants.


Nathan Masek

Vice President of Operations

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Nathan Masek graduated with honors from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Management of Information Systems. Nathan has a career history of Professional Services, Product and Project Management.


Robert Hartford

Chief Financial Officer

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Robert Hartford (Bob) has a 30 year career in corporate finance. As President of Hartford Financial Inc. he provides interim CFO consulting services to various companies, including advisory services to Vanguard Medical Concepts.


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